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Exploring the Best Dessert Nassau County Has to Offer

When that sweet tooth of yours comes beckoning to be satiated, you don’t want to miss the mark with any basic dessert. Treat yourself to something truly decadent and over-the-top. After all, Instagram-worthy desserts are all the rage these days. When you’re seeking out the best dessert Nassau County has to offer, to take your post-meal time to the next level, look no further than these drool-worthy spots.

Manny’s Sweet Treats

Located in Mineola, Manny’s is the destination to check out if you’re looking for some truly unique dessert items. Surpriseyour friends and family with Manny’s Fake Fried Chicken & Pound Cake Fries – a classic dessert that looks just like its savory name, made with chocolate-and-cornflake-dipped vanilla ice cream, poundcake, and Nutella. Or go wild with one of their ice cream sandwich iterations, sandwiched between waffles, brownies, or cookies. If you prefer the classic route, Manny’s also has many of the fan favorites, from milkshakes and pancakes to crepes and churros. 

DeiColtelli Gelato & Sorbet

Williston Park’s local gelateria doesn’t serve just any old ice cream. Using only the highest ingredients, the decade-old shop has breathtaking gelato and sorbet on offer, practically exploding from the display counter with colorful flavors and toppings. While you can always order up a scoop or two, the store also features ice cream sandwiches, pops, crepes, and cakes (oh, and you can even take a tub or tray home with you if you just can’t get enough). They also have rotating specials and seasonal flavors to keep you coming back for more. Plus, it’s fully equipped with a coffee and espresso bar should you need to caffeinate while you cool off. It’s hard to name the best dessert Nassau County offers, however, this place is high on our list.

Diner by the Sea

Diner by the Sea, located in Long Beach, is more than just your typical diner. Yes, they have all of the classic offerings you typically come to expect from a diner, but they’re also well known for they’re over the top milkshakes and creative brunch offerings. When the craving strikes, you can always order classics like cheesecake, banana splits, or sundaes, but for something with a little more visual appeal, opt for one of the shakes – flavors range from cotton candy to cin a bon to fruity pebbles. Need some carbs? Try the fluffernutter French toast or Oreo crumble pancakes.


With locations in Farmingdale  Massapequa, and Rockville Centre, Burgerology serves more than just its namesake burgers. Indeed, you will need something refreshing and cold to wash those burgers down, and what better drink to do the trick than an extravagant milkshake? You won’t find any run-of-the-mill shakes here. Take the Cookie Doughnut shake for example, which features vanilla ice cream mixed with cookie dough and glazed doughnut pieces, chocolate syrup, and is topped with an actual doughnut, chocolate chip cookie, homemade whipped cream, and drizzled with chocolate syrup and coated in Oreo and graham cracker dust. It’s an eyeful and a mouthful all at once. The popular chain also serves giant sundaes and doughwiches if a shake isn’t your speed.

The French Workshop

Three outposts of this French bakery reside in Nassau County – Wantagh, Garden City, and Plainview. If you’re looking for artisanal level pastries and baked goods, this is the place you want to go. Inspired by the boulangeries of Paris, The French Workshop offers decadent cakes and pastries, as well as cookies, brownies, and even pies. Mouthwatering items like pistachio gateau, Oreo brownies, vanilla nutella bites, and caramel beignets are just some of the tasty treats that adorn the menu (not to mention a handful of savory options, too). Plus, the shop also has a full coffee bar.

Exploring the best dessert Nassau County has to offer is a delightful journey through decadent flavors and creative culinary craftsmanship. Whether you’re indulging in Manny’s unique dessert creations in Mineola, savoring the exquisite gelato at DeiColtelli in Williston Park, or enjoying the over-the-top milkshakes at Diner by the Sea in Long Beach, each spot promises a sweet experience worth savoring. Don’t miss out on the extravagant milkshakes and artisanal pastries at Burgerology and The French Workshop either, ensuring your sweet tooth is thoroughly satisfied in Nassau County. [/vc_column_text]

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