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Must Try Food in Nassau County: Our Top Five Recommended Eats

No matter whether you’re a homegrown Nassau County-er or you’ve come here to vacation, there are endless restaurants worth a visit, each with its own unique charm. Similarly, just like destinations across the globe, every place you visit has its own unique flavors and specialties when it comes to food in Nassau County. Here, there is no shortage of fresh, delicious dining options in each and every town. However, to make the most of your time here, local classics should not be missed. Get a taste for the county by trying our recommended selection of must try food in Nassau County.

Lobster Rolls

No list of food in Nassau County is complete without mentioning seafood. With such close proximity to the ocean, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Nassau County is home to some of the freshest seafood, heaping helpings of lobster included. A lobster roll is a summer staple in these parts and there are many spots that do the dish justice. However, not all lobster rolls are created equal so if you’re on the lookout for some of the best, we’re here to help. Lazy Lobster, the casual waterfront locale not only provides a great spot to enjoy the scenery and music, but their lobster rolls can’t be beat. They have locations in East Rockaway and Massapequa and offer three options – a traditional Maine lobster roll (made with mayo), a Connecticut lobster roll (served warm with tarragon citrus butter), and an angry lobster roll, a traditional roll with a sriracha attitude, as their website states. DJ’s Clam Shack in Wantagh provides another option for hungry patrons, offering both a Maine lobster roll and an overstuffed Maine lobster roll. Who wouldn’t say yes to extra meat? Finally, Island Park’s Jordan Lobster Farms, which houses a market, clam bar, backyard bar, and restaurant, has two classic options for diners to choose from: a Maine lobster roll and a Connecticut lobster roll. So no matter if you like your lobster warm and buttery or cold and mayo-filled, there’s plenty to be had for all.


Many people espouse the qualities of a New York City bagel, but the truth is, Long Island has bagels that will give them a run for their money. Take A&S Bagels in Franklin Square, for example. Their retail store has frequently adorned ‘best of’ lists, not just in the region, but has been listed as one of the top bagel stores in the country, as well. And they don’t just sell the classics either – visitors love their unique French toast and pumpernickel bagels too. Massapequa’s The Crazy Bagel is another top spot in the county for your bagel needs, with many different varieties, as well as all your favorite bagel spreads like lox, cream cheese, and eggs and cheese. Don’t sleep on Long Island Bagel Cafe, which has a handful of locations in the area, including in Glen Cove, Long Beach, and Mineola. They offer a range of bagel flavors, including Black Russian, along with mini bagels and numerous flavorful spreads. Options range from tofutti to bacon garlic cheddar to apple walnut raisin.


The saltwater bivalves that people clamor for come summertime are luckily quite abundant on the shores of Long Island. Indeed, many of the East Coast’s supply of oysters come from the waters right here in Nassau County and are often shipped around the world for consumption. But for those already in the area, there’s no need to travel far to get your hands on fresh, salty oysters. Wantagh’s New Wave Seafood boasts both a market for you to bring home some fresh oysters yourself, and a restaurant where you can dine out and have everything prepared for you. Their raw bar features Blue Point oysters freshly shucked and served with cocktail and horseradish sauces. Bigelow’s Fried Clams in Rockville Center not only serves clams, but oysters, as well. If you don’t like ‘em raw, try out the restaurant’s fried oysters or oyster sandwich, where the seafood is cooked in trans-fat-free and cholesterol-free oil. Lastly, Nautilus Cafe, which was voted the best seafood restaurant on Long Island and is located in Freeport, serves fried local oysters with a chipotle mayo dipping sauce, as well as fresh Blue Point oysters. Pro tip: make sure to ask for their housemade mignonette to go with them.

Bacon Egg & Cheese

No morning is complete without a hearty breakfast, and a classic bacon, egg, and cheese is the ideal handheld to eat at a restaurant or grab to take to the beach. Turnpike Bagels in Levittown offers an ample selection of breakfast sandwiches on its deli menu, with bread options including a bagel, Kaiser roll, onion roll, or whole wheat rolls, and options to switch up your meat choice should you want bacon, turkey bacon, ham, roast beef, grilled turkey, or sausage. My Three Sons Bagel Cafe – which has locations in Garden City and Stewart Manor – takes its BEC sandwiches to the next level — the Bee Sting is made with two eggs over medium, applewood smoked ham, Monterey Jack cheese, and hashbrowns on a hand-rolled bagel with Mike’s Hot Honey, while the Truffled BEC has the same eggs, applewood smoked bacon, melted smoked Gouda, and homemade truffle butter on a bagel. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. But don’t overlook My Hero either, which also offers a mean bacon, egg, and cheese that can be customized to your liking. Located in North Merrick, this family-run deli is a prime spot to scoop up some breakfast on the go.

Italian Ice

When vacationing in Nassau County there’s one treat you need to have to really make it feel like a getaway…and that’s Italian ice. Ralph’s Italian Ice is the place to go and lucky for you, there are locations spread throughout the county so you never need to go far. From Long Beach to Mineola to Massapequa, there are plenty of locations to choose from. It’s been in business for over 90 years and churns out countless flavors including cherry cola, mango, black raspberry, and cotton candy — just to name a few. The refreshing icy treat can be paired with sherbet or ice cream, and even topped with cookie dough for a totally over-the-top dessert.

Food in Nassau County is not to be overlooked. From oysters to bagels to Italian ice, there is a local treat for every type of eater.

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