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Best Beaches Near NYC: Long Beach

Welcome to the City of Long Beach, affectionately known as the “City by the Sea,” where the Atlantic Ocean serves as your backyard playground. Immerse yourself in this vibrant community, boasting pristine beaches stretching for miles and a bustling boardwalk. If you’re in search of some of the best beaches near NYC, look no further!

Long Beach enjoys a unique climate, with the oceanfront island offering a moderating effect on temperature, creating a comfortable environment year-round. The allure of the ocean and bay on either side has shaped Long Beach into the quintessential seaside community it is today.

As you explore the city, stroll down Grand Boulevard and National Boulevard, where glimpses of the past intertwine with present-day charm. Along the oceanfront, discover the iconic 2.1-mile boardwalk, a historic landmark built in 1914 with the assistance of elephants, a testament to our enduring coastal heritage. Today, the boardwalk serves as a vibrant hub for strollers, joggers, and cyclists alike, featuring a dedicated bicycle lane. Adjacent to the boardwalk lies our pristine stretch of white sand beach, open year-round to the public, offering both daily and seasonal rates during the summer months. Whether you’re basking in the sun or enjoying a leisurely bike ride, Long Beach invites you to experience the timeless allure of our coastal haven.

Day at the Beach Itinerary – Long Beach


Kick off your day with a delicious cup of coffee at Gentle Brew Coffee Roasters. Located on Park Avenue, it’s known for its artisanal coffee and cozy atmosphere.

Walk on the Boardwalk

After fueling up, take a leisurely stroll on the Long Beach boardwalk. Enjoy the ocean views, feel the sea breeze, and watch the surfers catching waves. 

Beach Time

Long Beach boasts two iconic destinations: Nickerson Beach and Ocean Beach Park  Nickerson Beach stretches over half a mile, basking in sunlight year-round. Adjacent to this shoreline lies a sanctuary for protected bird species and lush greenery, lending a unique charm to the beach park. Visitors revel in wildlife sightings, swimming, and camping, with amenities like ball fields, beach volleyball courts, personal lockers, and upscale cabanas enhancing the experience across its expansive 55-acre expanse.

Meanwhile, Ocean Beach Park spans four miles of pristine white sand, offering breathtaking views along the Eastern seaboard. This vibrant stretch hosts free summer concerts and is a haven for surfers seeking its impressive waves. With a dedicated fishing pier and volleyball courts frequented by competitive leagues, Ocean Beach Park buzzes with activity. Its lively boardwalk teems with rollerbladers and cyclists, embodying the quintessential summer spirit.

Lunch at Swingbellys Beachside BBQ

For lunch, head to Swingbellys Beachside BBQ located right on the boardwalk. Indulge in delicious BBQ classics with a beachfront view.

Afternoon Shopping on Park Avenue

After lunch, walk along Park Avenue and explore the various shops and boutiques. You’ll find a mix of clothing stores, surf shops, and unique gift shops.

Arts and Culture at Long Beach Arts Council Gallery

Visit the Long Beach Arts Council Gallery to immerse yourself in local art and culture. The gallery features rotating exhibits showcasing the work of Long Island artists.

Dinner at Allegria Hotel

End your day with a wonderful dinner at the Allegria Hotel. The Atlantica is Allegria Hotel’s signature restaurant, operating alongside L’Onda Bar. Located right on the beach, this hotel offers a variety of dining options with stunning ocean views. Enjoy fresh seafood or other delicious dishes as you watch the sunset over the water.

Nassau County is home to some of the best beaches near NYC, offering a tranquil ocean escape from Manhattan’s hustle. Beyond beach relaxation, immerse yourself in art, leisurely strolls, thrilling water sports, and endless adventures!


Ready to enjoy a day at the beach?  Share your pics with @VisitNassauCountyLI and be entered to win some Nassau County faves!

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